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The art of being in the spotlight
our motto
Time for creativity: any product needs a bright and profitable serving. The very first advertisements were created by professionals from the art world: artists, writers, screenwriters, directors - they had special ability to present a product or service in a unique, witty way.

Today we do the same: every participant of our creative association has not only advertising experience, but also deep knowledge in art and personal ambitions.

Everything we do is perceived as intricate and visionary, so we invest maximum input into every project.
What is Soldart?
who we are
Why SOLD, and where is the ART?
Any piece of art has its own value and price, but only real art can be sold profitably. Creative approach and practical business tasks are always combined in our projects. We incorporate our creativity into the development of your business.
Our goal is to bring your ideas to life in the most suitable and visionary way.
Ваш проект делают только заинтересованные личности!
наше отличие
мы отличаемся от рекламного агентсва
Мы применяем agile-практики в творчестве – поэтому вы получаете оригинальный креативный продукт в разумные сроки и из первых рук.

У нас только нужные проекту люди – и вы не переплачиваете за огромную команду.

Нас не сковывает стандартный протокол – так что мы можем быстро адаптироваться под меняющиеся условия рынка.

Каждый участник – проверенный профессионал с опытом в крупнейших международных сетевых агентствах.
We are professionals with strong education and great experience in advertising. Our creative community gives us the freedom of solving the tasks you set out, as efficiently and expressively as possible.
We are deeply interested
in what we do. Only people who are specifically required are involved in your project.
what makes us unique
We are not 'yet another agency'.
We apply Agile practices to creativity, so you get the original product in a reasonable timeframe. We are the only people your project needs.

Thus, you don't have to overpay for a huge team. Each participant is the most efficient, professional individual in the biggest worldwide agencies.

We are not constrained by a standard protocol, so we can quickly adapt to changing market specifics.
our approach
We create ideas the same way we create artworks. We conduct research on psychographics, develop sketches and explore concepts. We test and find the most efficient solution. Yes, we can proudly put our name on every project we create.
who is who
People leading your projects
Trofim Laptev, Dubai
Developing and building brands for tobacco giants, such as BAT and Philip Morris, is one side of the coin; design support and management of the art team for the grand opening of the legendary Nike on Kuznetsky Most is the other. Oh, looks like it's not about a medal, it is a multifaceted ball! Creating art objects in collaboration with architects and designers from Holland, Greece and Great Britain is always one-love. I have true devotion to brand identity, and my grandmother's khachapuri cheese pies.
Andrey Soldatkin, Moscow
Visioner, creative producer and director. For over 15 years I have been dealing with all these creatives. I organize businesses and cultural events, conduct marketing campaigns of any scale, produce creative projects and talents. Among the projects marked with special thanks from customers are events for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (RF), the Ministry of Culture (RF), the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Moscow Government, the Skolkovo Foundation, Gazprom Invest and more. As an independent promoter, I have hosted thousands of music festivals (David Guetta, Paul Oakenfold, Underworld, Duran Duran, Roisin Murphy etc). I have put conducted press tours with Keane Reeves, James Cameron, Tom Cruise in support of their films in Russia and the CIS.
Why make history when you can make a story? I am in charge of all kinds of ideological and textual brand support: from concept development to the very last letter in a business card. Development and promotion of brands and proxy brands for BAT Russia, making Emirates closer to Russian-speaking consumers, creating art installations and art activation for Microsoft and contemporary Russian fashion designers (Tigran Avetisyan, Arut MSCW). When I don't write letters, I create pictures.
Sveta Pozdnyakova, Moscow
An artist. A poet. Following the Sun. I revive brands through digital art technologies. The mastermind behind the successful Lucky Strike relaunches. Most of the time I work with big brands like Nivea, Hyundai, Amazon, Coca-Cola - only to name a few. However, deep in my heart I'm in love with small 'boutique' projects and events. Dedicated, enthusiastic and eager. Always.
Sardor Umarbek, London
We know how
to develop your product or service
our skills
If you require something extraordinary, we are ready for creative experiments
Branding, rebranding, brand identity development, digital
and print design and art direction of your current projects.

3D modeling and animation

Copywriting (Russian / English)

Experiential Marketing

Project management
Strategy & Analysis

Shopper Marketing & eCommerce

Marketing strategy

Product launch campaigns

Package design

Events and special projects of any complexity and scale
Лидеру маркетинга Америке 244 года. Мы пользуемся электрическими лампами140 лет. ХХ наших специалистов из разных уголков планеты накопили 200 лет опыта и образования.

Разноплановый опыт каждого из нас позволяет взглянуть на задачу, которую вы ставите, абсолютно по-разному и найти яркое и выразительное решение.

В каждом проекте мы заинтересованы лично – мы работаем так, чтобы каждый проект стал жемчужиной нашего портфолио.
our experience
America is the world's most recognized leader in marketing and advertising – it's 244 years old! For already 140 years we have been using electricity for light. Our specialists from all over the world have accumulated 100 years of experience and education.

Our diversity allows us to approach your brief from different angles and come up with a vivid and expressive solution.

We are personally interested in the success of each project. This helps every single one become the true gem of our portfolio.
logotypes: less is more
logotypes: less is more
POSm, shoping equipm
digitize it!
events, concerts and parties
Experience in development of global and small activations (including events) allows us to offer non-standard solutions for any project.

From concept development to implementation in a large-scale offline event – we can offer any solution that suits your needs.

We always ready to participate in challenging pitches and support start-up business.
What's in that for you!
We've managed to overcome the excessive paperwork
no BS!
NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
However, we take care of document flow and reports.
All the information you need, we provide on one request. These are the requirements to start working with us:
Service agreement
Flexible prepayment for operating expenses (30-40%)
логотипы, меньше значит больше
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M: +7916 609 6478
A: Russia, 119049, Moscow, Kazanskiy pereulok 8/38